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Friedrich Ebert Foundation Stockholm

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Box 3107
103 62 Stockholm

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Västmannagatan 4
103 62 Stockholm

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Välkommen, Velkommen, Tervetuloa!

FES Stockholm

Since a long time the social welfare states of the Scandinavian countries serve as a model compounding the welfare state and economic performance. The so-called "Nordic Model" with its comprehensive social security for all walks of life brought and still brings the Scandinavian countries top rankings in international comparisons. What are the strengths of this welfare model and what are the challenges ahead in times of financial crisis and an increasingly globalized world? What can Germany learn from the Nordic experience?

These are some of the questions the ‘Nordic Office’ of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) is working with. The office in Stockholm was founded in 2006 with the aim to promote German-Nordic cooperation. The regional project includes not only Sweden but also Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway.

In addition to providing policy advice/political consulting on matters of the welfare state, the FES is mainly engaged in the exchange with and about trade unions. Hereby, the focus lies on labour and collective bargaining policies. Furthermore, the FES meets the widespread euro-scepticism in the Nordic countries by strengthening the European political dialogue. Finally, the development of the Baltic region as a European model region plays a central role. Within this framework the FES office tries to bring in experience from previous Nordic cooperation.

This is done primarily on the basis of seminars and workshops as well as by providing publications. Important partners are on the one hand the social democratic parties and trade unions in the respective countries as well as other regional organizations. In addition, there is a continuous contact and exchange with various think tanks and foundations whose work focuses on the development of social democracy, a sustainable welfare state as well as the opening of the North towards Europe and the EU.

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